2022 Jul 18 - 21:51 -- SuleEva-Admin


Our Company is looking for male dancers!

Our offers / expectations are: Continuous development possibility under great working conditions by daily ballet and modern trainings and routine due to theatre productions.

Application requirements:

-       Age of 18 (already turned)

-       Dancer education  degree

-       Height is between 175 and 190 cm

-       High level lexical knowledge and presentation of the classical ballet, skills in modern dance techniques

For the application there should be sent:

-       Curriculum vitae with photo (portrait)

-       Photo about the whole body where the body shape and the muscles can be seen

-       2 videos with the following contents:

o   Classical ballet: I. Arabesque- right side, left side

o   Developpé á la seconde- right side, left side

o   Developpé croisé front- right side, left side

o   Grand tour: éffacée attitude (double or more) your side

o   Croisé attitude (same)

o   Á la seconde en dehors en dedans

o   En dehors Tour sur le cou de pied, and en dedans Tour sur le cou de pied (minimum 3)

o   Double Tour en l'air- Fith to fith, Fith to croisé foot touching the knee.

o   Modern: one and a half – 2 minutes optional choreography


The applications should be sent to the email address together with the contact details.

Based on the received applications, the Art director will choose those candidates he wishes to meet in person at a dance rehearsal.

About the results of the applications, and in case of selection about the dance rehearsal date, the candidates will be informed via emails.

Remuneration will be agreed in person based on the results of the dance rehearsal.